Travel Planner at your service

I (Amy) have always been a planner and that planning skill finally landed me a full-time job as PA almost 3 years ago. But, my favourite thing to do is to make travel plans (of course), and even more so than that – bargain travel plans. When Phil tells me we can’t possibly go on another trip this year due to limited funds, I make sure we can. I proved this with my most epic bargain yet – a 4 night vacation to Sardinia on a quirky (albeit basic) houseboat for £80pp, and that included the flights. And so now I’m planning 5-6 trips a year, of differing affordability and luxury levels (depending on our budget situation at the time) but for what each trip is, I always manage to find a bargain for what we get. I’ve kept thinking (and have been encouraged) how I ought to share this gift with more people and offer my travel planner extroadinaire self to the world! So, it’s happening.

All you need to do is tell me the where, the when, the how long, the preferred type of accommodation, your non-negotiables, and of course your budget (as little as possible is an acceptable answer to this last question) and I will be on the case in a flash. Travel should be accessible no matter what your budget (you’ve just gotta shop around and make use of those discount codes!) And if you’re dreaming of a 5-star hotel or a private pool villa for a non-eye-watering price tag, I can also make this happen. Drop me a line if you think I may be able to help:

Let’s get travel planning! x