Quarantine: How to Survive…Killercubs Style!

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So, here in the UK we have now entered week 3 of lockdown which basically means #stayhome! Phil is a firefighter so continues to go to work but due to his shift pattern I still get plenty of company (and enough alone time!) whilst in quarantine. But, what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Build a blanket fort

Collect all the sheets and blankets in your house and get ready to build an epic den. You can do way better than we did. We used clothes pegs and an ironing board to assist our efforts, but we could have gone further. Phil’s mum told us next time we need to make tunnels out of cardboard boxes adjoining to each room in the house. Mind, blown!

Do an online exercise class together

We started out with couple’s yoga – which is a big mistake if you’ve never really practiced the basics of yoga before. So, we’ve taken it back a notch and are trying out a 30 days of yoga challenge. I’m still training Phil not to laugh as much or continuously grab my butt when we do downward dog, but we’re getting there.

Have themed dinner dates

We’re really missing going out for lunch or dinner, especially now that Spring has arrived, but you don’t have to miss out completely! A couple of weeks ago we pretended we were going to the pub for dinner so we had the log fire roaring, a beer in hand, and a meal of scampi and chips whilst sat on our bar stools. Last week we had an indoor carpet picnic. Get creative!

Teach your pet some tricks

Unless of course they are already a prize-winning Crufts doggy.

We have 2 cats called Annie and Ace, who sleep all day and sleep all night, but imagine if they have an incredible talent within them that we’ve yet to unleash. So, whether you have a dog, cat, guinea pig, parrot or tortoise, get on YouTube and see what types of tricks you can teach them – and please share with us all!

Play games and quizzes

Hilariously one of the last board games we bought (before all this began) was Pandemic – which clearly won’t be making an appearance any time soon. But we also have some childhood classics like Hungry Hippos, Cluedo and Screwball Scramble which can be pretty fun to pass the time. We play cards in the evening, and if you have an Alexa or Google Home, you can get competitive and play some quizzes against each other. My personal favourite is the song quiz because Phil doesn’t know the names of any songs or artists so I always win!

Work on you

We’ll leave Phil out of this one as he’s a serious Gamer and as he’s saving lives in his job we’ll let him off from doing anything else productive. Myself however has been working from home for the past 5 months and my workload has drastically decreased in the last week. It’s been super hard to find the motivation to do anything other than watch Disney plus and Netflix all day long but I’m slowly emerging out the other side (starting with this blog!) I’ve also signed up to some online social media courses and I’m working on my professional website (not that this one isn’t professional….) Embrace your new free time and do the things you always said you’d do but never had the time!

And if all else fails, drink some gin, video call your favourite people and drink some more gin. Keep smiling folks and let us know what you’re doing to keep busy during this time.

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