The Truth about your first few weeks Self-employed Working from Home


You probably won’t start with full-time hours

So this means a lot of procrastinating. A lot of watching Netflix. Binge-watching your favourite TV shows from when you were 16 years old. And of course, Christmas films. Sitting at your laptop with your phone on loud waiting for the work to come in…which eventually arrives and takes you a grand total of 10 minutes to complete…and you’re paid by the hour.

You’ll say you won’t wear pyjamas during the day

But you will. Some days you won’t change out of them. Other days you’ll change into clothes that look suspiciously similar to actual pyjamas and offer the same comfort level. You’ll wear slippers or big fluffy socks and you’ll own it. And it will take you longer to find a pair of ‘normal socks’ if God forbid you have to leave the house one day.

The shops are just as busy in the week as they are at weekends

What is this mockery?! Why are the roads so busy? Shouldn’t everyone be at work? Why can I not get an easy car parking space at ASDA? Why do I still have to queue at the tills at TK Maxx? You will go over and over these questions in disgust whilst wearing your suspicious pyjama lookalike clothing.

You will sleep like you never have before

Possibly too much. Gone are the days of waking up early to get ready for a full day at the office. Gone are the days of setting an alarm…until you realise if you don’t do this you could end up sleeping in until 11am. Yes, this has happened. No, I’m not proud of it. Well, maybe a little.

There may be occasions when you drink something alcoholic in the middle of the day

And that’s okay. No judgement here. Cheeky pub lunch with a vodka and coke? No problem. A teeny weeny little glass of gin and tonic at 3pm in the afternoon with the TV on in the background…why not, it’s Christmas. I’ll revisit this in the New Year but this is all highly likely to still stand. Cheers!

You will have a new appreciation for life

And time! There’s so much of it. Who knew. You have the power to plan your day exactly how you want to instead of going by someone else’s schedule. This is both a blessing and a curse. But through it all, you go to bed happy in the knowledge you are now living your life for you which is pretty dang awesome!

3 comments on “The Truth about your first few weeks Self-employed Working from Home”

  1. Yass to all of this!! I’m in the stage of applying for jobs and getting the odd thing here and there so I agree with all of this! Meanwhile Henry seems to have launched straight into full time hours with teaching haha. Jen (Hoopla)


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