One Night in Milan on a Budget

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So a short stopover is never ideal if it’s a place you really want to explore more of, but when we landed at Milan Malpensa at 5pm, with our train out of Milan due at 8am the next morning, we knew we had to embrace the time we had whilst keeping tight hold of the pennies in the process.

How to Get From The Airport to Milan City Centre

The cheapest and most convenient way to get to Milan is by train. Jumping in a taxi would take longer and cost considerably more at around 100 euros. Sat in endless traffic is also highly likely which makes it a no-go for us!

There are 2 trains you can catch; Milan Central or Milan Cadorna. We just opted for the one which was leaving first which happened to be the Milan Cadorna train. We say this casually, but it was leaving less than 5 minutes before we bought our tickets and proceeded to skid down the ramp to the platform, almost losing the wheels off our suitcases in the process. But we made it.

Both stations should be in easy reach of your accommodation as they are well connected to the Metro. Train tickets cost 13 euros per person one-way.

There is a bus you can take to the City Centre but given the frequency and reasonable cost of the train, it would make more sense to take this option rather than saving a few extra euros and being stuck on a stuffy bus in reams of traffic.

How to Get Around

The metro system is fairly fool proof in Milan. There are three metro lines; red, green and yellow, and the cost per journey is just 1 euro 50. The trains are very frequent and you’re well connected to the main train stations as well as the main attractions.

Where to Stay

Ibis Milano Central get’s our vote and then some! We shopped around for the best price and actually managed to nab a room for £42, but we did make use of coupon codes. Generally, you can find a room here for under £70 a night which is a bargain given the location – in walking distance of Milan Central station.  We were super surprised by the modern, boutique type feel of the hotel. The vibes were young and fresh, and there was a cool outdoor bar area that we would have sat in had there been any seats available!

What to Do

Larking around on our suitcases by the Duomo

Given our late hour of arrival, we decided to head straight to the Duomo, suitcases in tow. Probably not recommended but we were on a limited time schedule and we wanted to see the cathedral in daylight. If you do one thing in Milan, this is it.

If you have some more time, walk a few minutes to the Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall. You’ll be impressed by the stunning architecture even if you don’t manage to buy anything here.

Where to Eat

For a true authentic Italian experience, it’s a must to eat at Napiz. Located just a 10-minute walk from Ibis Milano Central, or a short walk from Republicca Metro Station, you won’t find anywhere better in Milan. We were greeted with a complimentary glass of prosecco and appetizer the moment we sat down and we looked up to see the quirkiest interiors, involving chairs and all sorts of crazy objects on the ceiling! Our type of place.

If you’re not a fan of pizzas, this probably isn’t the spot for you. But if you’re a fan of a bargain, everything is under 10 euros (even if pizza is the only dish on the menu!) And, you’ll wash it all down with a complimentary shot of limoncello at the end. Need we encourage you anymore?

Final Thoughts

When we first thought of Milan, we imagined it as a luxury destination to visit – which it could be if you make different choices. For us, we’ll remember it as a trendy city with great hospitality and the ability to be enjoyed thoroughly on a budget!

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